“Crystal Cove” by Corina Seas released on YouTube and your man is dancing away

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As an actor, often your time is requested for trade, TFP, credit, good will, favors, etc. Sometimes a big name director, or a favor for a casting director is enough to compel you to shut up and drive to set. Sometimes just to work gratis to offset a slump is enough. Then there are the times, you just feel good about being wanted. A strange career that pays more in emotional rewards than dollars. If you do hit, and make the big bucks, these are the projects you never forget. The ones without a budget. Projects that make spaceships out of motorcycle turn signals, and convert apartments into spaceship control decks. Projects when the actors didn’t bitch, rather drank and partied together because acting is meant to be this–a collaborative art, for fun. This video is the essence of art for art’s sake. Thanks for making me smile Corina.

Be sure you click on the link at top to see the vid.

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