S. Scott McCracken has played historical figures on stage such as Bobby Kennedy, and inspiring characters including Dr. Berger in a stage production of ORDINARY PEOPLE. Other characters in his repertoire are uncertain heroes like Kent Erickson in FROM THE WOODS, featured in Cannes 2014 Short Corner. Show up for one of McCracken’s performances and what you’ll get is classic Leading Man swagger distilled through brooding eyes. Coming from a large family, he draws upon those layers complicated by loyal blood ties. “Life was good at a young age. Lots of love, adventure, security. Then it just evaporated. We had the biggest house on the block, an empty pantry, and few unbroken rules. I kept my feet close to the ground to prevent being embarrassed by the holes in the bottoms of my shoes. That’s probably when my acting started, out of necessity.” Acting wasn’t just concealment. S. Scott and his siblings had been mucking about with characters from early on, sneaking out with their father’s camcorder, they remade sketches like “Homie the Clown” from IN LIVING COLOR and “Hanz and Franz” from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The McCracken brothers recreated action sequences, fearless stunts, weapon play, and splashed classic gore red Karo syrup in any scene possible. When the older McCrackens left home, Scott turned to video journaling and collaboration with friends from high school, to college, creating short films and experimental documentaries. Sharing his stories and adventures came by instinct; he just needed to uphold his intent by living an interesting life.

“I recall, clearly, a moment when a friend told me he was taking off… go see the world, South America specifically, learn Spanish. How? I thought. I had been working to make ends meet since 16, putting myself through college. How could he do it, and I couldn’t? So I did it.” This unplanned trip to Ecuador uncovered a newfound truth for ssmc: to live is to risk danger, comfort, and balls. After beating a stunning pool shark model in stilettos at the local pool hall in the Amazonas district of Quito, she introduced him to the bizarre fashion industry, the catwalk, and a commercial agent. Auditions were in Spanish, but it seemed there was enough interest for for a blue-eyed gringo with a decent grip of the language. Scott booked a travel show pilot, AVENTUREROS. When the pilot didn’t stick, he moved.

ssmc finished his college degree at Univeristy of California, San Diego with a major in Lit/Writing. He completed a few film shorts on the side, performed in a few plays, such as Jacques and His Master by a favorite writer, Milan Kundera. The next five years he spent as a lifestyle writer for 944 Magazine in San Diego, and a spirit brand manager before relocating to Los Angeles. In the recent past he’s been honing his craft over two years in Meisner training with John Ruskin, involved in Improv at UCB and M.I. Westside Comedy Theatre, and shaped by classical training in Shakespeare at Will Greer’s Theatricum Botanicum. Outside of the biz, he feeds adventure withdrawals on diving trips, soon to be a Master Scuba Diver, as well as another kind of diving–out of a plane. “The ultimate goal is to jump from 13,000+ feet with my dive gear, land in the ocean, cut away chute and pack, swap to scuba gear and dive down to a ship wreck with Hammerheads circling it.” Production crew has been known to yell out “Release The McCracken” for a set call. You can call him “S.”, “Scott,” “Scotty,” “McCracken,” or even by his first name. That’s all it is. Just a name. What matters is how he’ll make you feel.Headshot



Eyes: Blue
Hair: Salt & Pepper
Height/Weight: 6’0”/175 lbs

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What’s New

A politician onstage defending democracy is not lost upon the temporary crowd

November 21

I thoroughly enjoy playing Bobby Kennedy in Odalys Nanin’s play, Marilyn-My Secret at Macha Theatre. This is my fourth turn playing the historical figure on this stage, and the third project I’ve played a Kennedy. I nearly had people to their feet mid show with the “democracy is for the people” monologue.

Would the audience be so inspired if they knew I was actually a Romney? I think we’re all eager to see what transpires with this new administration. We live in strange times.

Thank you again for showing up to the theatre in support. After the show, we snapped a stellar #manniquinchallenge. Find it on

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Just in time for Halloween, a Zombie hunt

October 19

Sean Scott McCracken becomes the live version of introductory character, Clements, in retro game zombie homage to Orgen Trail, aptly named Organ Trail. You may have to sign into Youtube to see the madness. Give it a shot. #projectdysentery

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Parallax — Creepy nailed

June 19

A loving father loses grasp of his family when he brings home a new toy–a vintage TV. This webisode is broken into two parts, the brainchild of director Bartley Taylor. You may not think of me the same when it’s over.

It’s a 2-part video and the 2nd part should be on the same page. If it requires a password, it’s because the short is in the festival circuit and mustn’t be revealed until prizes awarded.

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